Birthday coming soon!

Hi! It’s the month of June, and our newly planted blueberry bushes are starting to produce their fruit. This is also the month of my birthday, which is on the 29th. Also, a couple days ago I got glasses. I’m really nearsighted in one eye, and just fine on the other.


Hey, Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. It’s been pretty busy, with sicknesses going on and off. I remember a couple months ago James had a fever for two weeks, but it wasn’t that bad.  For me, the worst part was not being able to see anyone.

Jane Eyre

Hi! I’ve been reading Jane Eyre for a while now, and I finally finished it!!! Yay!! The ending was… interesting. To be honest,  I didn’t really understand why Jane went back to Mr. Rochester… I think. I guess… she knew that he needed her? I don’t know. I also finished Black Beauty. I really enjoyed it! I like the perspective of the horse, and how true it was about the time period it was in. I like it a lot and I recommend it.


Hi! Is today Columbus day? My calendar says so… but we celebrated it on Monday. A few of the Saller kids are here today, as they usually every now and then. They do school with us, and then we all play games on the computer for an hour and then so on. After this post I’ll be doing some school, Math first, then Foreign Languages, Reading, and Writing. Then I’ll do Afternoon school, which is Bible, History, Science, and PE. Then I’ll be done with the computer part. I’ll have to do Handwriting and Drums some time too.